Virtual Classroom

March 30 – April 3


Monday             iReady Math 20 mins

Tuesday             Play COUNTING MONEY GAMES 

Wednesday     Play ( Mrs. Victor sent you your username and                                                                                              password through REMIND. )

Thursday          iReady Math 20 mins

Friday                Watch the video  Ice Cream Royale (Links to an external site.).                                                  Then post a way to make a dollar just using coins. Also, go on                                           


iReady/ Book Response

Monday          iReady Reading

Tuesday          Day 1 Book Response Log for FICTION book … Identify the genre

The genre of this story is

Wednesday     iReady Reading  Teacher Assigned lesson

Thursday        Day 2 Book Response Log for FICTION book …Summarize story

This story was about…

Friday             Take AR quiz


Reading Strategy/ Social Studies/ Science

Monday            Write about the central message of a story

Tuesday           Watch BrainPopJr  video on Pushes & Pulls  and the  Science Fusion                                      Digital Lessons from Unit 7 L1 What Are Forces ? &  L2 How Do Forces                                   make Objects Move ?  Then answer these questions .

What is a push ?  Did the BrainPop video show a “push” in the same way                                as the Science Fusion videos  ? Give examples from the videos.

What is a pull? Did the BrainPop video show a “pull” in the same way as                                the Science Fusion videos  ? Give examples from the videos.

*Try taking BrainPop’s  HARD  Quiz for a challenge.

Wednesday      Go to Stemscopes through CLEVER. Complete the Stemscopedia Push and                               Pull lesson.

Or if you prefer, read the  Science Fusion   eSE pages for Unit 7 L1                                           What are Forces ?  Answer the Brain Check questions ( p 171 ) on a piece                               of   paper and send me a picture of your work through REMIND.

Thursday         Go to Science A-Z through CLEVER and read the book Things Move.                                      Complete the quiz that goes with the book.

Friday               Nearpod lesson on Colonial America

Phonics/ Spelling/Grammar

Complete the Spelling City  games assigned from  Lesson 25  words which have  au & aw

Monday           Rhyme & Climb

Tuesday           Sound It Out

Wednesday      Sound Counter

Thursday         Which Word Sentence  & Practice Spelling Test

Friday               Spelling Test Me

Spanish    iStation Lectura


Webinar/ Canvas Discussion

Monday        Wednesday      Friday       Join our WEBINAR.

Tuesday       Thursday                              Canvas Discussion


 9:30 -10:00     Emma, Riley, Mia, Sebastian, Caleb

10:00 -10:30  Liam, Ariana, Brandon, Ethan, Trenin

10:30 -11:00   Lily, Lucas, Julia, Jackie, Ben, Cameron, Aliyah, Mathias